Refer our Services

Neighbors, friends, family, customers… Any referral, any number of referrals.

Referral Submission Form

How referrals works.

We pay $250 to any person who warmly refers our company which leads to a successfully approved insurance claim or project purchase.

1.) We need these things from you:

Arrange Handshake

Let the person you’re referring know who we are and what services we can provide before referring them.¬†

Use the referral form

Submit their contact information and a brief summary of the issue via the form below.

2.) What needs to happen after that:


Either insurance approves a full project or the property owner purchases it out of pocket. This means a full roof replacement, full building siding replacement, etc.

Down Payment Received

Once we formally receive a down payment to begin the repair process, our referral is complete. You will receive confirmation of your successful referral within 7 days.

3.) Your $250 is then mailed out.

That’s it.

Common Questions

“Why pay this much?”

Advertising is incredibly expensive, while the opinion and experiences of our friends and peers are incredibly valuable. Of course we want to be gracious to the wonderful individuals who pay us this greatest compliment!

“Do I get anything if they sign up but then get denied or cancel?”

Unfortunately, this does not qualify.

“Can I collect a referral for someone who already signed up?”

If your referral really is the reason they contact us, sure! 

“Can I do this for a living?”

Absolutely. This is basically an “A La Carte” commissioned sales interaction. You can refer one, or a thousand.

If you are interested in joining our marketing or door-to-door canvassing teams, send us a message on our Contact Us page or the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

“Are you just passing along this expense?”

No. We operate within standardized pricing set by the insurance and restoration industries. The person being referred receives the same price regardless of being referred.

“Do you partner with other property service providers?”

Definitely. This system is great for businesses who are already visiting properties and can observe typical storm damage. This is excellent secondary income for your business or home service.

If you would like to inquire further or set up a training workshop for your property service workforce, reach out via our Contact Us page.